Wooden Ham Holders

A DOP ham should be enhanced with a ham holder that makes it elegant and practicalthe slicing: for this reason, the “Pasquini Marino” has made a series of wooden ham holders that are perfect for both purposes.
The ham holders are equipped with a wooden base and some steel parts, designed for a better ham grip. The ham holders are suitable to cut all ham types and they are made with different types of wood, between them: oak, beech and walnut.
Slicing a ham is a ritual that enhances its flavor and freshness: the “Pasquini Marino” ham holders were chosen from some of the most prestigious and the most famous gastronomic fairs for their design and their functionality.
The ham holders are available in three sizes: Small, in beech wood, which allows a horizontal ham positioning; Medium, for horizontal ham position and with stainless steel finishing; Large, in oak wood, finished with natural products and, both, vertical or horizontal ham position. The ham holders signed by “Pasquini Marino” are enclosed in a natural wooden box, equipped with handle string, which ensures better comfort in the grip.

Vice holder mortadella

Morsa Large

Morsa Medium

Morsa Small