The customized furniture and the precious objects, signed by “Pasquini Marino” decorate the rooms of some of the most popular restaurants and wine bars and shops in Italy and abroad.
The quality and the strength of solid wood are combined with an original and creative design, distinguishes the “Pasquini Marino” production to create modern and refined furnishings that enhance every environment and make, each visitor, to feel comfortable: colored wooden chairs, handmade kitchen tables, wooden ham holder, wooden chopping boards… All these enriched with precious details that make them special and celebrate the finest tastes.
The tailor made wooden furniture for restaurants, wine bars and shops, taverns and hotels, have the highest degree of customization in relation to the customer and to their uses destination, without forgetting style and elegance.
These values are the base of the “Bottega Pasquini Marino’s” works, who for years deals with the production of wooden furniture and, especially, projects for the restaurant industry and the wines conservation.
The careful formal and structural research and the unchanged artisanal company’s matrix, still guarantee a product with excellent quality standards, which enabled the realization of unique furniture projects.
The customized furniture for restaurants, wine bars and shops, taverns and hotels of the “Bottega Pasquini Marino” have personalized finishes and offer modern design solutions that will satisfy the most demanding requests: handcrafted wooden tables, handmade and customized chairs, refrigerated-showcases wine cellars, wines exhibitors, bottles holders and objects for catering. The “Bottega Pasquini Marino” is now an international reference point for furniture projects and for restaurants, wine bars and shops, taverns and hotels equipment.

Ristorante Pizzeria Dalmata Medolla

Ristorante La Coldana

Foresteria Cavicchioli

Osteria Preella

Bianca Relais Oggiono


La Casa del Vino Osteria Enoteca

Cave Italienne Rap

Restaurant Pizzeria Pedrocchino

Le Delizie del Principe

San Martino Restaurant

Restaurant Local

La Cambuse


Locanda Trivisano

Caffè Vicenza

Locanda Aqua Crua
Barbarano Vicentino (Vi)

Ristorante Caffetteria Tapasotto

Trattoria e pizzeria Senato
Vigasio (Vr)

Osteria da Giacomo

Soavino sas

Ristorante Perbellini
Isola Rizza (Vr)