• The “Bottega Artigiana Pasquini Marino Srl” was founded in 1957, in Bovolone, near Verona, from the capable hands of its namesake founder. The principal activities of the Artisanal Shop were focused, initially, in handmade chairs, armchairs and living rooms production with refined elegance and special finishes.
    Today, the “Bottega Artigiana Pasquini Marino” has expanded its services, with special emphasis on the custom-made furniture design and construction; in particularly, specializing itself, on solid wood handmade furniture for quality restaurants and wine storage.

  • Morsa Medium

  • Ristorante Perbellini isola rizza (Vr)

  • Absolute Quality

    TThink to a big ham. Think to the story that leads it on your plate or on one of our wooden chopping boards. Stories of excellent products that are intertwined: only the best raw materials, the research and the tradition in a unique formula. This is also why we do what we do and how we do it: we have known and we have loved these stories. So, we have decided to write our own.
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  • Osteria da Giacomo

  • Bottle Lt 0,75, Magnum, Jeroboam

  • Walnut wood

    Rooted in tradition, the wealth of veining, recalls that wood is alive, resistant to sudden tensions, sometimes violent, its color is dark and warm. This is a quality wood. It’s the best to create reassuring objects.
    Our solid wood products.

  • cantina privato (Verona)
    amante dei vini

  • Porta frutta Cestà

  • Excellent techniques, now as then

    To smoke a ham is a simple thing, just a few chips ... and a ham! To treat and work the solid wood, is simple, too. Always thinking to the result and the function. It is a mix of simple and ancient processes, like the material itself. There is no reason to complicate what is already perfect, and, in the tradition, there is the perfection. This is why we continue to produce following the path traced by our predecessors.
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