The “Bottega Artigiana Pasquini Marino Srl” was founded in 1957, in Bovolone, near Verona, from the capable hands of its namesake founder.

The principal activities of the Artisanal Shop were focused, initially, in handmade chairs, armchairs and living rooms production with refined elegance and special finishes. Besides manufacturing ability, “Pasquini Marino” has always paid special attention to the quality materials selection, from the accurate wood choice to the fine and resistant fabrics choice.

Over the years, the heirs, Remo and Paola, invested the professionalism and the experience gained in the activity that has gradually grown, expanding production, establishing itself in this field and differing in products types, while maintaining the quality characteristics that have always distinguished the company.


Today, the “Bottega Artigiana Pasquini Marino” has expanded its services, with special emphasis on the custom-made furniture design and construction; in particularly, specializing itself, on solid wood handmade furniture for quality restaurants and wine storage. Every furniture piece, signed by “Pasquini Marino” is unique, result of artisanal traditional choice and stylistic attentive vocation to new trends and projected to the future.

storia convivialita

Consultations, friendliness and helpfulness are the core values that make the “Bottega Artigiana Pasquini Marino”, a real reference point for those working in both, cuisines world and individuals who demand an exclusive and comfortable environment.

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