Custom wine cellars

The passion for wood is matched with the love for good wines: as a wine collector you might secretly desire your own wine cellar to store your most precious bottles, which can also be the ideal room where to gather with friends in special occasions.

Every expert is aware that bottle ageing is the final, decisive phase of the ageing process, during which the aromas grow in intensity. During this period, wine bottles must be stored in solid wood shelving, because the elasticity of the wood is able to attenuate any possible vibrations that might be damaging to the wine.

Wine cellars are mostly realized in spruce wood, for its decay resistance qualities. The bottles must be stored horizontally, so as to keep corks moist, thereby preventing the exchange of gases that might have unpleasant effects on the characteristic bouquet of the wine. Spumante or frizzante sparkling wines must be tilted at a greater angle, with the cork facing downwards to prevent carbon dioxide from being lost. Knowledge of critical factors linked to the ageing process of the various kinds of wine and experience in storing wine in cellars makes the Bottega Artigiana Pasquini Marino an indispensable point of reference for operators in the food and wine sector, as well as for any wine lovers seeking a wide selection of storage solutions featuring classy, solid wood shelving.